Indian Culture- Dynamic and vibrant

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IIndian Yoga and MeditationIn the famous words of Arnold J. Toynbee, “civilization is a movement – not a condition, a voyage, and not a harbour.” Culture is symbolic, continuous cumulative and progressive process. The words culture and civilization are mostly interchangeably used but there is a huge difference between the two. The material aspects mark civilization whereas culture represents the non- material aspects. The demarcations of culture are beliefs, values, traditions, philosophy, art, and literature. Indian culture is one of the richest and oldest cultures in the world. The heritage of Indian culture dates back to the fist civilization of the world “The Indus Valley civilization”.

Culture is the shorthand version of rules that guide the way of life. Culture can be defined as “the practice of the inherited ideas, beliefs, values and knowledge, which constitute the shared bases of social action of a particular civilization”. Culture is acquired, and cumulated. Members of a society learn the common way of life and share it. In a word, culture is the expression of the finer aspects of the life style of a group. Indian culture is the most unique in the world as it is the most diverse culture in the world. India is the only example of a continuous process of the growth and evolution of its ancient civilization. Indian civilization is continuum and therefore unique and is integral in its approach.

Culture is the mixture of several things like fashion, music, artistry, behavior, social norms, architecture, and even food and dress sense. This is what makes up the whole panorama of our social fabric filtering down from the upper strata to the basic roots. The Indian Culture as we know it today is an assimilation of several social behaviors and is one of the most vibrating cultures of the world.

The country has been a huge melting pot of various beliefs and behaviors. It is a composite culture due to the multiple influences, which have contributed to the creation of values and ethics. The projection of our culture has definitely taken a nosedive but something, which has lasted, grown, and emancipated over centuries. It takes generations to give a definite shape and keeps on adding to itself. It is always dynamic, vibrating, and acceptable to changes.

The West has borrowed our Yoga, transcended meditation, and Ayurveda. In fact, it grew stronger with time. The present generation has adopted the yoga, meditation and has taken it to a different altitude. The world is after all heading for a Global Village so let us get the taste of it and continue to emancipate. Our culture can only gain by adding to it. Since time immemorial, Indian culture has absorbed different cultures in it. The invasions have enriched our culture to a large extend. Our Indian Culture teaches us to respect elders and to treat the Guru or teacher at a rank equal to ones’ parents. This is something, which is unheard of in the developed nations. The beliefs, development of human powers, mental and spiritual training in the background of our religious traditions, all make a concerted move for our culture to be vibrant and a living entity. The perennial beliefs, social traditions, and spiritual practices make up our cultural fabric.

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