Top 5 Spectacular Places in India Known for Its Food

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Who doesn’t love food? Whether you just love eating or like to experimenting with new types of food, there is a massive variety of food just waiting to be ravished in our very own country. This list of the five most spectacular places in India will fill you with excitement and hopefully, a longing to try the food in every one of these cities.

Mumbai, Maharashtra

Bhelpuri, Photo by stu_spivack

Aamchi Mumbai is filled with a large variety of food, from faludas and frankies, to the super-famous sev puri and bhel puri! This fast-paced city is also known for the best Bombil Fry, the delicious modaks, and being a coastal city, a range of seafood. Other cuisines that have left quite an impression on the food of Mumbai are Gujarati, Maharastrian and Parsee. Foodies from around the country visit Mumbai simply for the street food that explodes with flavour with every bite. The city is especially famous for its vada pav and pav bhaji. Whether it’s a walk down Juhu Beach for the different types of chaat or a lovely Japanese dinner at Wasabi, your taste buds are in for a treat! If you are planning to visit Mumbai, you must read this article.


Gol gappas, Photo by Hari Prasad Nadig

The nation’s capital, Delhi is famous for its North Indian cuisine. Absolute must try whether at a dhaba, a street vendor, or a high-end café, are the popular chhola bhaturaparathas and tandoori chicken. One more attraction of Delhi is its chaat, especially the gol gappas. The great food during Ramadan and the rich kebabs one can find in Old Delhi only add to the huge variety of food one can enjoy in this beautiful city.


Daal-baati choorma, Photo by Niranjan.gohane

While Rajasthan is known for its beautifully coloured clothes and stunning women, it also has some of the tastiest food in the country. It is home to mouth-watering dishes like daal-baati choorma, variations of the gatte, laal maas and khadi. A few popular sweet delicacies of this place are balushahi, ghevar and gujia. There are restaurants around the country all the way to Bangalore that serve authentic Rajasthani meals that have a bit of every type of food. Those with a sweet tooth especially enjoy this cuisine because of its rich food.

Malabar, Kerala

Photo by Calgary Reviews

This lip smacking cuisine from all the way down south has something for every kind of food lover. The variety of food ranges from appam and beef curry (known as beef Kurumulakittathu), to duck delicacies as well as traditional preparations of the famous Malabar rice meals. Another attraction of Kerala is its local coffee, a perfect hot beverage before or after any meal. A coastal state, Kerala has authentic seafood preparations of prawns and different kinds of fish that are famous all over the country. The Malabar also has its own variations of the typical South Indian dosas, idlis, sambar, and rasam.

Udupi, Karnataka

Idli-dosa, Photo by gillnisha

Udupi is a Konkani city in Karnataka that is famed for its authentic Kannadiga food. It offers a variety of favourite South Indian dishes like dosas, idlis, sambar, and rasam. Udupi is also an ideal place for vegetarians as that it what the cuisine primarily is. The food is simple but full of flavour and will leave you craving longer after your stomach if full. A small city, Udupi has many street vendors and food joints that form a part of any food enthusiast’s journey.

These cities are only five of the loveliest cities of India. This list hopefully gave you a taste of a little bit of different corners of India. So, hurry up, pack your bags and go taste the amazing flavours this wonderful country has to offer!

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