Traumatized Teens Of The Era

May 31, 2013 8:03 am 0 comments

Teenage traumatize is an affair of disquiet for our Society. Teenagers of this century are overbooked, with a major lack in time management skills. Our teens are dealing with conflicting demands from teachers, parents and peers if compared with several adults, who remember their teen years with alluring memories of friends and fun. The major sources of depression in teenagers today is injected from academic pressure, relationship issues, brawling with family and burden of success.

Teenagers are compelled to take risks for their fun and enjoy thrilling situations, says British Scientists. Rash Driving, Chancy Sex, Unhealthy diet, try-on drugs and liquor, less of physical activities are the recent instances of Risky activities held by the teens, says the Psychologists. This behavior injects the well-being contradictions in teenagers when the lifetime health management falls in this rebellion age of adolescence.
Survey assumes that approximately 40% of teens, mostly of 14 to 16 years of age coming from low or middle-class society, are prone to riskiest behavior which results in deaths due to injuries and violence.

Teenagers are stuck in the virtual world of social networking websites. It has become too important to blend in and considered as ‘cool’ and ‘popular’ & get enough of ‘likes’ and ‘comments’. They often get depressed when they do not get enough of the same. Facebook has killed their interest in getting indulge into outdoor activities. This is a crucial time for the parents to thrive hard to pull their children from the shackles of this virtual world before it is too late.

“If your communication is based on learning and sharing new interesting knowledge, then Facebook is like a gold mine. It all depends upon how one chooses to use this social networking free site,” speak the experts. Adolescence is all about to be accepted by the like-minded people. If rejected they certainly underestimate self for not having enough of worth.

Sleep is another major problem faced by teenagers. Late night outs, Unhealthy diet, cell phones, internet are main reasons for not going to bed at a proper time. This does not match with the sleeping patterns of an adolescent child which indeed adversely affect their performance in the academics. Early school timings and waking up the child at the crack of dawn makes the child fight with their biological clocks and carrying sleep in school. Sleep scientists says it is important for schools to stop following the religion of early school timings and change the high school timings.

The rebellion Adolescent stage can be handled in a relatively gentle and keen manner. It is quiet hard for the parent’s to handle the rudeness and disheartening comments and disobeying attitude if their teens continuously. Instead of getting hurt at the rejection, parents should stay calm and be patient for the phase to pass-by.

Separating child from their cell-phones or friends or grounding them at home will certainly ruin the circumstances, instead give them time and help them focus on their academics as well as activities. Balancing academic pressure and enjoyment helps them to progress. Set up time limits for outing and texting with grace period, make them pay their mobile bills and no over use of internets. Timely stalking your child is also very helpful in knowing their state of mind. Open and direct communication stables the bonding between the child and the parents. It is time to take a serious step, to control the teenagers and guide them towards a healthy and happy life.

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