5 Unsung Destinations in India That Will Leave You Awestruck

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India is a vast country with lots of secret places and unexplored lands. Spending a nice quite holiday travelling to an off-beat place has a charm of its own. You do not have to take the hassle of crowded tourist attractions, and can easily spend some days exploring the natural beauties of this luring land. These destinations are seldom part of a broad tourism circuit, so you are guaranteed to have privacy, if it is a romantic vacation with your loved ones.

These places are absolutely stunning in their natural cadence. They have an amazing atmosphere, and the local people are very forthcoming in their hospitality. Their lack of popularity allures travel enthusiasts from all over the world. Let’s have a look at some of these amazing destinations:

Shivagange, Karnataka

Photo by Dayanandashetty beloor

Nicknamed as the Kashi of South India, Shivagange is a spiritual off-beat destination in Karnataka. If you are a fan of trekking, then this place is ideal for a mesmerising holiday. There are small water bodies at the top of these small hills, which the locals believe originate from the holy Ganges River. This is how this place got its name. You can rock climb in these hills or go for trekking. There are some temples in the nearby areas as well. There is something for everyone here.

Tirthan Valley, Himachal Pradesh

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If you have a long list of things to do on your holiday, and looking for some adventure, then the Tirthan Valley in Himachal Pradesh is your place to go. It offers a stunning view of the Himalayan lower valleys with an unexplored hill station nearby. There are different adventure sports to try as well. You can even go trout fishing in the nearby lakes, or you could absolutely nothing and enjoy the peace and quiet of this beautiful place. It remains open for public visits during the months of March to June, as well as during October and November.

Patan, Gujarat

Photo by Nagarjun Kandukuru

Patan is one of those off-beat places in India where not many tourists go. It was recently included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The most popular destination in Patan is Rani ka Vav. It is a very old manmade lake which is surrounded on all sides by a huge wall. Patan was the former capital of Gujarat, and this lake smells of its old charm and vanity. The walls are decorated with medieval artistry, and people who visit this place are in awe of its amazing architecture. October to March is the ideal time to visit this place.

Varkala, Kerala

Photo by Kerala Tourism

This speck of a town hosts a stunning array of amazing beaches, Jain shrines and small hills. The clear and amazing sky is a treat for those who visit this place. Among several beaches, the Papanasam beach is the best one to visit in Kerala and take a long walk. You can also avail different adventure sports on the beach, such as paragliding and parasailing. Treat yourself to a visit of the nearby lighthouse where you can see the vast expanse of the sea. It is best to visit Varkala in the month of September, but anytime between April and September is fine.

Tamenglong, Manipur

Photo by Dangmei

The north-east remains a massive unexplored area in India to this day. Among the secret essence of it, there is a small hill station called Tamenglong in Manipur. It is an amazing place with exotic tress and vegetation surrounding the entire valley. Being in the north-east, it is a quiet place and only a select fraction of the population knows of this place. Here, you can experience a new side of the vibrant and dynamic culture of India. Its pristine surroundings are a treat to the eye. The best time to visit this valley is from April to October, since the valley looks glorious during the monsoon season.

These mesmerising places are seldom discussed in a tourism circuit, but their beauty is comparable to any place in this country. The unsung valley of flowers, along with amazing destinations in South India offers a unique way to spend your holiday. So, next time you are looking for a quite retreat, you know where to find one!

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