Ooty at its best

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Ooty is a hill station that is located in between several breath-taking mountains, gardens, lakes and forests.

A hill station that was initially built by John Sullivan was widely known for its architecturally excellent buildings present in several parts of the city.

Because of the presence of the Kunrinji flower (which is blue in color), on the slopes of the Nilgiris mountain range, Ooty is also called the “Blue Mountains”. When viewed from a distance, the hill range looks blue throughout.


Nilgiri Toy Train

Every hill station in India is famous to have a toy train that rides on the edges of the hills, offering its riders a magnificent view. And Ooty is no exception either. The name given to the toy train in Ooty is Nilgiri, because of the flowers of the same name that grow on the hills there. It would be no less than living in a fairy-tale. Enjoy the idyllic view outside, as you ride on.


One really nice way to unwind on your trip, would be to go boating in the Pykara lake, in the cool climate of Ooty. This lake sees a lot of visitors and mind you, you may have to wait in line as well. There are a variety of boats that you can choose from, to ride. Right from traditional rowing to modern day machine handled speed boats. Spend some solid time here, pedalling away, as you talk to your loved ones.


Botanical Garden Ooty

Ooty, as a hill station is full of greenery. But the botanical garden in this region, is like a feather on the hat. The maintenance of this park, and the variety of flowers, fruits, other shrubs and trees make for a really amazing place to take an evening stroll. You can rent Royal Enfield in Ooty from Wheelstreet.com and reach this place in minutes and then enjoy your stay there. Make sure to pay attention to the different species of flowers and plants present there, as most of them are unique to just this one place in India.


Visit the doddabetta, from where you can get panoramic view of the entire hill station. The best way to enjoy this journey would be to ride to this destination on two wheels. Taking a superbike on rent would glorify your ride even more, adding a dash of adventure to your trip. Do not forget to take your photography equipment along with you. This is going to be a crazy wild ride for you if you happen to be a photography enthusiast. Or you could also, keep all the technology away from you, live in the moment and take a mental picture.



Make sure to visit this tea estate. You can see varieties of green in here. Ooty is in fact, very famous for its tea plantation, like any other hill station in India. You can taste some hot chai, which will complement the cool weather perfectly. People also take some tea powder back with them. You are sure to relish the taste of this authentic tea leaves. The people of Ooty sure do know how to make tea.

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