Udaipur- The Best Place You Can Be in Rains

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Rajasthan has always been synonymous with desert. Though, the majority of Indian states have a seasonal pattern of extremes: both in terms of summer or winter ones, Rajasthan is always perceived as a state that is forever hot and dry. Being bright with the almost burning rays of the sun and the heat vaporizing even the sweat in one’s body! So, a news report of Udaipur, one of the cultural hubs of this very colorful state, receiving a commendable 98 mm of rains in July this year came almost as if a fib! Rajasthan and a nearly flood like situation in the city of Udaipur that is pretty much situated in its heart? Well, it is best to see to believe it then, because Udaipur is the recipient of a generous amount of rains during monsoons. Udaipur during rains will drench you in sheer delight then!

Udaipur: The Way to It Is When It Rains!

Udaipur following the same pattern of the seasonal mood – of extremes can make one hesitant to visit. But the fact that it does receive such a spell of rain could make one consider one’s decision, and this is not merely based on escaping the temperatures dipping or rising to abnormal levels.


Photo by Dennis Jarvis, CC BY-SA 2.0

Udaipur has been long known for its lakes; both natural and man-made that makes it an inescapable stop for the tourist. Just like to enjoy a scene to its utmost level, a certain background music is required, so is it to enjoy these marvels of this city. During the monsoons, as it is all water around, these lakes are filled to the brim and their effect deepens manifold! Whether one is to see it in the background of the overcast sky- just before the rain, or whilst a peek as the droplets spill all around and on it too! Some lakes and places that spell magic during the rains are:

  1. Jaismand Lake, also known as the Dhebar Lake have a unique feel to it besides its historic presence as it was built by Maharana Jai Singh way back in 1685.
  1. Fateh Sagar lake, that is most assuredly not fully appreciated till a boat ride is cruised through the ripples of its waters! During the monsoons, it is at its best stretch and mass to enliven the experience of this boat ride to the best possible level.
  1. Lake Pichola is one of the best-known lakes of Udaipur stretching to a noticeable stretch of 4 km. The water springing ensures it reaches all its considered boundaries, well and full.
  1. Lakes are not the only ‘spots’ that highlight their beauty during the showers. Structures like Lake Palace, which is built on Lake Pichola and also known as the Taj Lake Palace now, it has the Aravalli Hills in its background. The rich historic fact of being built by Maharaja Jagat Singh II enlivening as sprinkles of rains falls on its surface. Facing the Lake itself, it gives the picture-perfect look of the water body during the monsoons.
  1. City Palace is yet another spot that exudes grandeur in the rain as the entire view of the city is its feature, along with the Lake Pichola view giving one’s vein the right tickle!

In fact, in most of the reviews about Udaipur online, most of the people have suggested the monsoons to visit this place, as the gush of the lakes merges perfectly with the lush of the greens of the city, and no there would not be a single thought of air conditioners in soft coolness of the air.

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